Creative Lighting Solution in Dubai

Larsa lighting is the leading house of luxury brands in commercial lighting. We provide lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor occasions. We stock and represent elite lighting brands such as Stillux, Proled, Riperlamp, Bejorama and many more. They provide decorative luminiaries and classic cuts in different occasions. Our products also try to meet the quality standards and are distributed at the international level. We also provide rich and classic lighting solutions that are made and designed in Italy. These brands have made us to capture the international market in providing quality indoor lighting solution. We are also an innovative provider of commercial and residential lighting for indoor as well as outdoor use. We also work with Masiero Group which is one of the leading company in the top range of decorative lighting market. Innovation and tradition merge in the philosophy of Masiero Group. We provide such lighting solutions which enhances everything with increased energy saving.  Our lighting solutions are suitable for reception areas, corridors, offices, beach, hospitals, shops, restaurants, music rooms and many more.


Larsa Lighting also specializes in the construction and development of luminaries functioning with long lifespan and complete reliability in extreme conditions. We have successfully innovated many lighting solutions creating top quality designs with the help of our employees who are skilled and versatile in different areas. Our customers are happy with our lighting solutions. We began replacing a new line of lighting in our studio as an alternative means to the temporary, trendy and volatile production items which are available everywhere. Our main focus is on durability and quality along with exclusiveness and craftsmanship. Our experts and customers are on the top of the priority list. We are also the largest producer in outdoor lighting and deliver high quality products all over the world.

We are capable of meeting all the lighting technologies from home to garden lighting, outdoor lighting, beach lighting and many more. We also manufacture crystal components for different lighting industries and thus we are able to supply the best quality products and trendy collections every year. We upgrade our product quality according to our customers need. We specialize in “Made in Italy and Spain” products which are elegant, functional and innovative. We are planning to go ahead and provide all kind of lighting solutions to our esteemed customers. Larsa Lighting focuses on quality at an affordable price and less energy consumption.


Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Solutions in Dubai

Larsa Lighting provides lighting solution for indoor, outdoor and other special occasions in Dubai. We provide our services in movie theatres and decorating the villas of our esteemed customers. Our company is one of the leading lighting specialists in Dubai. We have our showrooms in Dubai where our customers can step in and choose a wide variety of lighting lamps or other lighting accessories as per their choice. We can also design your villas with 3D lighting technology which will give a glamorous look to your house. We try to give our customers an elegant look to their villas. On designing the villas, we visit the villas initially and take the architectural design. Our experts sets the designing plan accordingly.

Our company also specializes in Islamic lightings and decorates their home as per their choice and culture.  We provide our customers with the latest and the greatest lighting technologies. We have best lighting designer who provides world class designs to the customers. We are preferred by majority of the customers for the leading designs and services. We have completed a number of commercial and residential projects in lightning. Our customers are satisfied with our services and they prefer to chose us again in decoration or any other special occasions.


Our company also provides services in lighting beach resorts. We have completed a number of projects in decorating and lighting the beach. Our company has different number of suppliers and contractors who provides services to the company with their latest innovations and designs. From design to technology, our unique lighting styles get recognized and are valued by our customers. We also provide lighting facilities in club vista mare which attracts the customers. Our company have received remarkable feedbacks from our clients regarding our lighting solutions. We charge affordable rates from our customers. In some cases, we charge a minimum amount of installation charge from the customers

Our company also provides different contemporary designs of lamps and pendants in decorating their house. These are available in our showrooms where the customers can step in and choose a wide variety of designs.  We provide our customers with crystal or classic designs as per their requirement. Our company takes pride in providing our customers creative commercial lighting solutions. Our lighting solutions are loved by our customers.  If our customers do not find the necessary lighting equipments as per their requirements, they can place the orders in the showrooms. We are glad and happy to serve our customers.

Brings Home the Stunning Lights Exploring the True Magnificence

islamic-lighting-1-495x400Wondering how to make your home look glamorous? You can opt for nice decorative lights that would make a festival at your home more special. Larsa Lighting brings in the amazing lighting system and you can get a suitable one that gives your abode a different outlook. In addition, you need to hire an expert electrician for successful installation ensuring that you are able to incorporate the true happiness.


Different Types

You can even get the exclusive outdoor lights that would make your guests feel happier. In this way, you can enjoy life exploring the secret touch of love that makes your dreams come true. Alongside, indoor lights also enhance the overall beauty of your place and you can feel confident knowing that your home looks the best. It brings in a big smile on your face and you can get that feel good experience making life beautiful. You can explore a new World full of true colors that would give you the ultimate poise to go ahead in life.

Outdoor Lighting


Purchase Easily

Also, you can easily get the lights within an affordable price and can celebrate events at your home with all the glory. First, you can consult with an expert interior decorator knowing the types of lights you can use and according you can purchase the suitable options. Once, you decide to buy the lights you can go through the entire catalog finding product details that help you to make a right choice. Also, you can check out the portfolio knowing the status of previous projects comprehending how the company works.

Finally, you can make a safe purchase knowing that you are at the right place from where you can avail the excellent stuffs, as you need. Larsa Lighting also comes up with effective Islamic lighting options that would give your home a great look on special occasions.

Leave your lighting solution to the professionals

Commercial lightingCommercial lighting in Dubai is one of the most sought after makeovers bringing in elegance with every step of modern lighting solutions. You’ll never know the magnificent power of lighting, until you experience the magical transformation of your real estate for yourself. This is not just applicable to residential plots but for any and every sort of commercial endeavor- be it a resort, a hotel, a shop, an industrial belt and even theme parks and cinema houses. A casino and it’s vibrant lighting is one such example of how lighting dominates not only the environment you reside in, but your mood as well.

A private endeavor into the challenging yet awe-inspiring world of lighting solutions is what made Larsa Lighting solutions one of the leading urban and Islamic lighting company in Dubai, catering to a wide range of customers, be it individuals or business entrepreneurs. Being one of the best lighting distributor and service provider, Larsa has its own in-house talent constituting of lighting specialists to ensure your illuminators never give a faulty result, creative executives to ensure your lighting is amongst the latest trending, tech geniuses working hand in hand with our specialist and a full-fledged team of architectures making sure landscape optimizes our lighting solutions to the fullest.

Commercial lighting in Dubai

Larsa Lighting will not just stop at selling. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction which can only be achieved when we help you with our after-sale installation and working services so that your investment sees the final results with us!

What do we do?

From fountains to underwater lightings, saunas and steam rooms to bathroom lightings, outdoor and indoor, Islamic and urban, wall mounted luminaires to floor luminaires– our wide collection of assorted lighting systems promise to cater to your every lighting requirement. Don’t just believe us. Ask for out happy clients- we have worked with Damac Towers, Akoya Park, Nakheel Property villas, Al Ossaimi beach resort, Club Vista Mare and more. Just visit us at or walk into our showroom to experience splendid lighting solutions by ardent professionals.

Creative Illuminators Just A Call Away

Veteran lighting solutions can in fact, make or break a place. How important is lighting for a place be it residential, commercial or industrial?

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Setting the right mood, bringing in that aesthetically soothing aura about and most importantly amplifying the ambience to the whole architecture is basically achieved through nothing but the sheer calculative creativity of modern day lighting systems and we have just the right enterprise for you.

Reclining in your home lounge or gearing up for an important meeting- the presence of proper lighting can not only be uplifting but also a delightful cause to the eye which is why choosing the right option or the placement for you should always be left to the professionals.

lighting image 09-04-2017

Established in the wake of 2012, Larsa Lighting specialists gathered a group of accomplished experts that consisted of lighting designers, technical supports, architects, consulting engineers and many more so that this privately owned lighting company in Dubai can make changes happen through their undaunted determination and professional expertise. The main goal is to ensure the customers we deal with achieve nothing less than 100% satisfaction and in the wake of so, we have gathered our wide collection of industrial, commercial and residential lighting systems starting from pendant lights, chandeliers, recessed lighting systems, table, wall and ceiling luminaires for indoor purposes all the way to outdoor and special lighting. Want your sauna glowing with serene ambience? Want your restroom accentuating every marble? We have got you covered. Apart from sauna, bathroom, steam room and star lighting solutions we also branch out into billboard lighting, crystal lighting, underwater lighting, urban lighting and of course the ethnic Islamic lighting solutions. Our showroom in Iridium Building, located on Umm Sugeim Road, is open for all to visit.

Larsa not only supplies the product in catalogue but also ensures your experience with us was top-notch which is why we also extend out advice, fitting, technical and architectural assistance in any big or small endeavor. Do visit our official site at and give us a quick call for further assistance.

Your very own personal Lighting Genius is here

Ambience matters. It is simply the power of an illumination that can transform a dulling space into a lively robust one. It is even the power of illumination that determines your mood fluctuations- taking your from sad and bored to upbeat and fun. There is simply nothing a well illuminated lighting system cannot fix. However, it all comes down to one prime difficulty- finding the right lighting solution for you, something that not only matches your personality but also adds more flavor to it.


Imagine walking through the front doors of an elite establishment with a dazzling chandelier hanging right in the center of the ceiling? Imagine a set of modern appalling lighting solutions engraved in the walls illuminating the passageway? Imagine a lighting genius actually providing you with these stupefying lighting solutions at an utmost affordable rate so that you can enjoy the same intensity of passionate ambience right in the comfort of your home or office space?

Larsa Lighting established in the wake of 2012 is a privately owned enterprise now trending as one of the best lighting company in Dubai encompasses a full department of personalized professionals including lighting engineers and fitting architects amongst other creative talent. The main notion is to establish a robust clientele base by providing personal, residential, commercial and even industrial lighting solutions to the ones in need and that too backed by uber professionalism that comes in the form of installation of the lights. Larsa Lighting is more than just a supplier and distributor- they are a service provider ensuring the end result finishes in the customer satisfyingly sitting in this now well lit space seeping in the ambience with a heart full of delight.

lighting solution

Search for chandeliers, pendant lights, luminaries, indoor and outdoor lighting, recessed floor and wall lighting, bollards, façade lighting, urban lighting solutions, bathroom, underwater, steam room and sauna room lighting systems, Islamic lighting and many more. Larsa works with a huge clientele base of walk-in and ongoing projects starting with the creative leads picking the diamond in the coal for you and ending with our fitting engineers and architects ensuring the installation and working is up to the mark and satisfactory.

Know about our high and low escapades by visiting our official website or just walk in to our showroom in Ridium Building at Umm Suqeim Road.

Lighting Specialists now at your beck & call

The art of lighting takes more than just adept knowledge or an abundance of resources. It is the driven passion that goes beyond the intertwining webs of skilful science mixing know-how with a strong veil of zeal and excitement as the lighting carefully chosen by you dictates not only your sense of style, but also the type of personality you possess. Such is the crucial power of lighting.  Any dull dampened room can turn into dreamland using just the right measurements and the types of lighting. Any lawn or backyard may rejuvenate itself as a dreamland scenery forms just by the sheer use of light. It is in fact, in this very light that we would like to introduce ourselves to more UAE and GCC clientele as one of the best lighting company in Dubai– privately owned and dictated by the desires of our wide clientele base.

The customer being our supreme importance- we at Larsa Lighting Systems pack an enterprise of veteran lighting specialists, lighting engineers, architectures and designers that devote their time to create splendid lighting solutions to illuminate your personal, commercial, residential and even industrial lighting requirements.


Communication, collaboration and creativity are the three main pillars which forms the foundation to Larsa as we aim to provide our customers with the widest collection of personalized lighting solutions starting from indoor lighting like pendant lights, star lights, recessed lights, table-wall and ceiling luminaries, outdoor lighting solutions in the form of urban, facade and flood lights, special lighting systems for saunas, restrooms, under water arrangements and even exclusively hand-crafted Islamic lighting solutions.  Precision and perfection is the key motto which is why our engineers and architectures personally provide their installation services at the time of purchase so that we can deliver the end product wrapped in finesse without having you- the customer run around for arrangements. Our 3D software system and an adept team of professionals ensure your lighting is prim, proper and perfect.

Why don’t you visit our online showroom once at and explore our vast collection and wide range of services with your own eyes.