Installing Right Commercial Lighting Improves Mood, Productivity And Sales

Installing a good commercial lighting system can bring in a big different in any business. Studies have shown that with the presence of a properly installed industrial or commercial lighting system, the mood of the customers and employees is enhanced, the employee productivity is improved, and even there is an increase in sales in restaurant or retail business. Because of this, it makes sense to know the right commercial lighting product to buy for their respective business.

Effect of Industrial Lighting on Customers’ and Employees’ Moods

Research has proved that bright lights have a direct effect on a person’s mood. Many people suffer from depression in the winter or in rainy, grey climates as they are afflicted by Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). To counteract SAD, light therapy is used that makes use of special bright light.  The presence of brighter industrial lighting works subconsciously to boost up the moods of both employees and customers.0fa6d2c789e170b7b7d017be133d9505image38950310515

How Commercial Lighting Effects Productivity

It is found that dim lighting causes the body to create melatonin, a hormone that helps in sleeping better. This is the reason that makes it important for factories and plants to keep the work stations well-lit and help workers perform tasks better, especially jobs that are repetitive in nature. A study has found that updating lighting saves companies in energy costs and increased productivity to the tune of thousands of dollars. Individual employees at their own work stations would prefer different levels of brightness.

Properly Placed Commercial Lighting Increases Sales

Savvy restaurant and store managers know that the presence of right lighting can increase their sales. With correct wattage lighting that is properly placed can pop up the products and improve their appearance. From food to cosmetics to clothing, lighting sets the right tone and ambiance that can cheer people to spend more.

Products like fine jewelry and cosmetics need to have specially tailored commercial lighting. This helps customers to see the unique shade of differences in these products for making an informed purchase. It is also possible to enhance the look of clothing by lighting it in many different ways.

Restaurant, depending on its type, need specialized lighting systems. For example, a family-friendly fast food eatery should have better lighting compared with a fancy restaurant that is designed for couples looking for a romantic gateway.

Commercial or industrial lighting is vital to every business or industrial establishment, and hence it should be well-researched before making any purchases. With a simple and right type of commercial lighting upgrade, the moods of the customers and employees can improve, leading to increased sales and productivity. The money spent on installing the lighting system will likely pay for itself quickly.


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