Larsa Lighting – Lighting up homes exquisitely!

Housing the choicest lighting solutions – Larsa Lighting Systems is the best lighting company in Dubai. In a short span of only four years, the company leads the market in giving the best creative lighting solutions for commercial as well as residential sectors. Creativity, being the keyword for the company, we strive to provide the best indoor, outdoor and exterior lighting facilities which are highly acclaimed in the market. Having said that, the whole creative lighting system is not a one-way process with us providing the lighting solutions and capturing the customer’s interests. Once we team together with our customers, the collaboration which ensues, is the most important attribute of ours.Screenshot_3

Being a premier hub of creative lighting solutions, we cater to industrial lighting purposes as wells as residential lighting plans too. One of our primary aims is to provide to our customer base, the opportunity to be creative by engaging their own ideas and thereby bring a dash of colour and style to their space. Being the sole distributor of the best European lighting brands, we also cater to the high-end part of the spectrum of customer base. We have provided commercial lighting solutions to some of the best outdoor projects and can proudly boast of the magnificence of the same. Our some of the exquisite commercial lighting solutions include the turnkey lighting project of Bushman’s Bar and Grill at Anantara and the Iranian Hospital, and the interior lighting at Hues Hotel Sharjah. Also, we are the proud company to enjoy the sole rights of providing the commercial lighting solution to Burjside Boulevard. Other than these spectacular projects, we have provided creative lighting solutions to many other construction projects based on commercial purposes as well as residential.

Having gained a prime position in the lighting industry of Dubai, we have plans to expand and consolidate our position in the UAE and GCC too. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and we strive to cement that bond further. Therefore, not only do we just collaborate with your architectural plans but we also go as far as to provide the best support technically for an enhanced and more satisfactory ambience. Illuminate your luxurious space by our exceptional service by visiting today.


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