Illuminating Lives with a Simple Touch of Excellence

Have you ever felt that deep unsettling voice at the back of your mind telling you a little change in the lighting will completely change the look of the room? God once said, “let there be light” and lo and behold came the lighting specialists with a wonderful team of experts promising you the best fix for your lighting- be it commercial, industrial or even residential.


You would not have guessed how important a proper lighting is until you came upon one of the fancy lit areas of a posh environment and immediately felt a strong connection of being drawn towards. Larsa Lighting Specialist is there to make this strong connection more stronger as they emerge as one of the dominating lighting company in Dubai supplying you with a wide array of lighting solutions starting from crystal adorned chandeliers to starlights, recessed floor lights, ceiling luminaires and just about anything you can think of. Compiling a large collection of indoor, outdoor and special lighting solutions, Larsa is a private owned organic company based in the Middle East diligently offering you the best of the lighting equipments at the best affordable prices.

What’s more?

Buying a lighting is easy but to get it to work is the hardest isn’t it? Well, at Larsa Lighting, all your queries and problems will be lend a keen ear and this is one of the reasons why Larsa goes out of the way to provide installation services for your new possessions along with a veteran team of engineer, lighting expert and architectural personnel choking out the perfect settings so that you get just the perfect illumination.

The sole aim is to ensure customer satisfaction through exemplary services, pre-services such as quotes, consultations, advices and even post-purchase services such as fitting and installation. Having an adept customer care and an endless list of contemporary lighting solutions, Larsa welcomes you to their showroom at Umm Suqeim Road, Iridium Building with open arms to pick the best of the illumination most  suitable for your choice. Can’t make your way to the store just yet? Check out our online shop at and let us light your way to excellence.


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