Lighting Specialists now at your beck & call

The art of lighting takes more than just adept knowledge or an abundance of resources. It is the driven passion that goes beyond the intertwining webs of skilful science mixing know-how with a strong veil of zeal and excitement as the lighting carefully chosen by you dictates not only your sense of style, but also the type of personality you possess. Such is the crucial power of lighting.  Any dull dampened room can turn into dreamland using just the right measurements and the types of lighting. Any lawn or backyard may rejuvenate itself as a dreamland scenery forms just by the sheer use of light. It is in fact, in this very light that we would like to introduce ourselves to more UAE and GCC clientele as one of the best lighting company in Dubai– privately owned and dictated by the desires of our wide clientele base.

The customer being our supreme importance- we at Larsa Lighting Systems pack an enterprise of veteran lighting specialists, lighting engineers, architectures and designers that devote their time to create splendid lighting solutions to illuminate your personal, commercial, residential and even industrial lighting requirements.


Communication, collaboration and creativity are the three main pillars which forms the foundation to Larsa as we aim to provide our customers with the widest collection of personalized lighting solutions starting from indoor lighting like pendant lights, star lights, recessed lights, table-wall and ceiling luminaries, outdoor lighting solutions in the form of urban, facade and flood lights, special lighting systems for saunas, restrooms, under water arrangements and even exclusively hand-crafted Islamic lighting solutions.  Precision and perfection is the key motto which is why our engineers and architectures personally provide their installation services at the time of purchase so that we can deliver the end product wrapped in finesse without having you- the customer run around for arrangements. Our 3D software system and an adept team of professionals ensure your lighting is prim, proper and perfect.

Why don’t you visit our online showroom once at and explore our vast collection and wide range of services with your own eyes.


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