Your very own personal Lighting Genius is here

Ambience matters. It is simply the power of an illumination that can transform a dulling space into a lively robust one. It is even the power of illumination that determines your mood fluctuations- taking your from sad and bored to upbeat and fun. There is simply nothing a well illuminated lighting system cannot fix. However, it all comes down to one prime difficulty- finding the right lighting solution for you, something that not only matches your personality but also adds more flavor to it.


Imagine walking through the front doors of an elite establishment with a dazzling chandelier hanging right in the center of the ceiling? Imagine a set of modern appalling lighting solutions engraved in the walls illuminating the passageway? Imagine a lighting genius actually providing you with these stupefying lighting solutions at an utmost affordable rate so that you can enjoy the same intensity of passionate ambience right in the comfort of your home or office space?

Larsa Lighting established in the wake of 2012 is a privately owned enterprise now trending as one of the best lighting company in Dubai encompasses a full department of personalized professionals including lighting engineers and fitting architects amongst other creative talent. The main notion is to establish a robust clientele base by providing personal, residential, commercial and even industrial lighting solutions to the ones in need and that too backed by uber professionalism that comes in the form of installation of the lights. Larsa Lighting is more than just a supplier and distributor- they are a service provider ensuring the end result finishes in the customer satisfyingly sitting in this now well lit space seeping in the ambience with a heart full of delight.

lighting solution

Search for chandeliers, pendant lights, luminaries, indoor and outdoor lighting, recessed floor and wall lighting, bollards, façade lighting, urban lighting solutions, bathroom, underwater, steam room and sauna room lighting systems, Islamic lighting and many more. Larsa works with a huge clientele base of walk-in and ongoing projects starting with the creative leads picking the diamond in the coal for you and ending with our fitting engineers and architects ensuring the installation and working is up to the mark and satisfactory.

Know about our high and low escapades by visiting our official website or just walk in to our showroom in Ridium Building at Umm Suqeim Road.


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