Creative Illuminators Just A Call Away

Veteran lighting solutions can in fact, make or break a place. How important is lighting for a place be it residential, commercial or industrial?

blog image 08-04-2017

Setting the right mood, bringing in that aesthetically soothing aura about and most importantly amplifying the ambience to the whole architecture is basically achieved through nothing but the sheer calculative creativity of modern day lighting systems and we have just the right enterprise for you.

Reclining in your home lounge or gearing up for an important meeting- the presence of proper lighting can not only be uplifting but also a delightful cause to the eye which is why choosing the right option or the placement for you should always be left to the professionals.

lighting image 09-04-2017

Established in the wake of 2012, Larsa Lighting specialists gathered a group of accomplished experts that consisted of lighting designers, technical supports, architects, consulting engineers and many more so that this privately owned lighting company in Dubai can make changes happen through their undaunted determination and professional expertise. The main goal is to ensure the customers we deal with achieve nothing less than 100% satisfaction and in the wake of so, we have gathered our wide collection of industrial, commercial and residential lighting systems starting from pendant lights, chandeliers, recessed lighting systems, table, wall and ceiling luminaires for indoor purposes all the way to outdoor and special lighting. Want your sauna glowing with serene ambience? Want your restroom accentuating every marble? We have got you covered. Apart from sauna, bathroom, steam room and star lighting solutions we also branch out into billboard lighting, crystal lighting, underwater lighting, urban lighting and of course the ethnic Islamic lighting solutions. Our showroom in Iridium Building, located on Umm Sugeim Road, is open for all to visit.

Larsa not only supplies the product in catalogue but also ensures your experience with us was top-notch which is why we also extend out advice, fitting, technical and architectural assistance in any big or small endeavor. Do visit our official site at and give us a quick call for further assistance.


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