Leave your lighting solution to the professionals

Commercial lightingCommercial lighting in Dubai is one of the most sought after makeovers bringing in elegance with every step of modern lighting solutions. You’ll never know the magnificent power of lighting, until you experience the magical transformation of your real estate for yourself. This is not just applicable to residential plots but for any and every sort of commercial endeavor- be it a resort, a hotel, a shop, an industrial belt and even theme parks and cinema houses. A casino and it’s vibrant lighting is one such example of how lighting dominates not only the environment you reside in, but your mood as well.

A private endeavor into the challenging yet awe-inspiring world of lighting solutions is what made Larsa Lighting solutions one of the leading urban and Islamic lighting company in Dubai, catering to a wide range of customers, be it individuals or business entrepreneurs. Being one of the best lighting distributor and service provider, Larsa has its own in-house talent constituting of lighting specialists to ensure your illuminators never give a faulty result, creative executives to ensure your lighting is amongst the latest trending, tech geniuses working hand in hand with our specialist and a full-fledged team of architectures making sure landscape optimizes our lighting solutions to the fullest.

Commercial lighting in Dubai

Larsa Lighting will not just stop at selling. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction which can only be achieved when we help you with our after-sale installation and working services so that your investment sees the final results with us!

What do we do?

From fountains to underwater lightings, saunas and steam rooms to bathroom lightings, outdoor and indoor, Islamic and urban, wall mounted luminaires to floor luminaires– our wide collection of assorted lighting systems promise to cater to your every lighting requirement. Don’t just believe us. Ask for out happy clients- we have worked with Damac Towers, Akoya Park, Nakheel Property villas, Al Ossaimi beach resort, Club Vista Mare and more. Just visit us at http://larsalighting.com/ or walk into our showroom to experience splendid lighting solutions by ardent professionals.


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