Larsa Lighting – Lighting up homes exquisitely!

Housing the choicest lighting solutions – Larsa Lighting Systems is the best lighting company in Dubai. In a short span of only four years, the company leads the market in giving the best creative lighting solutions for commercial as well as residential sectors. Creativity, being the keyword for the company, we strive to provide the best indoor, outdoor and exterior lighting facilities which are highly acclaimed in the market. Having said that, the whole creative lighting system is not a one-way process with us providing the lighting solutions and capturing the customer’s interests. Once we team together with our customers, the collaboration which ensues, is the most important attribute of ours.Screenshot_3

Being a premier hub of creative lighting solutions, we cater to industrial lighting purposes as wells as residential lighting plans too. One of our primary aims is to provide to our customer base, the opportunity to be creative by engaging their own ideas and thereby bring a dash of colour and style to their space. Being the sole distributor of the best European lighting brands, we also cater to the high-end part of the spectrum of customer base. We have provided commercial lighting solutions to some of the best outdoor projects and can proudly boast of the magnificence of the same. Our some of the exquisite commercial lighting solutions include the turnkey lighting project of Bushman’s Bar and Grill at Anantara and the Iranian Hospital, and the interior lighting at Hues Hotel Sharjah. Also, we are the proud company to enjoy the sole rights of providing the commercial lighting solution to Burjside Boulevard. Other than these spectacular projects, we have provided creative lighting solutions to many other construction projects based on commercial purposes as well as residential.

Having gained a prime position in the lighting industry of Dubai, we have plans to expand and consolidate our position in the UAE and GCC too. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and we strive to cement that bond further. Therefore, not only do we just collaborate with your architectural plans but we also go as far as to provide the best support technically for an enhanced and more satisfactory ambience. Illuminate your luxurious space by our exceptional service by visiting today.

Highlighting Creative Lighting Solutions

Interior décor becomes one of our topmost priorities when we purchase a new home/office, or shift to a new residential apartment or office due to location changes. It builds an image of its own, and also increases the goodwill of your company. Now lights are an integral part of the interior decoration process, and enhances the beauty of our rooms. Gone are those days when we couldn’t think beyond tube lights and bulbs to illuminate our homes or workplaces. Even lights have undergone a huge revolution. Creativity has reached its peak, and technicians can now produce different sorts of lights, just according to your needs. Be it for your theme based rooms, or single coloured lights, varieties of creative lighting solutions such as LED lights are manufactured and sold worldwide.10005673_1397315833877513_2097202959_n

A good lightened environment motivates work culture in organisations and offices, and charms the guests visiting your home. However, whether the lightening conditions are liked by individuals or not, depends gravely on their perceptions. Technicians create any kind of lights. One can even customize it as per need. Just provide your ideas, and how you would like the lights to be, and be rest assured to get exactly that. From Halloween events, to themed parties, from Christmas tree decorations to stage shows, the creative lighting solutions’ companies can create lights for any and every event.

Various websites offer best deals in such indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, fluorescent lights, LED lights, emergency lights, ballast accessories, and many more items, to fulfil your varied needs, demands and tastes. Before deciding on what lights to purchase, make an informed research about the lights. For example, if you want LED lights, what is the kind/type of LED that you are expecting? Will LED lights be beneficial? What are its pros and cons? What are you willing to pay for them?

Make sure to buy stuff that won’t disappoint you later, as it can be a costly affair. Avail for the best creative piece online, and the highly equipped and trained technicians will work hard to ultimately provide you, your desired lighting, in the most efficient and hassle free manner.

Installing Right Commercial Lighting Improves Mood, Productivity And Sales

Installing a good commercial lighting system can bring in a big different in any business. Studies have shown that with the presence of a properly installed industrial or commercial lighting system, the mood of the customers and employees is enhanced, the employee productivity is improved, and even there is an increase in sales in restaurant or retail business. Because of this, it makes sense to know the right commercial lighting product to buy for their respective business.

Effect of Industrial Lighting on Customers’ and Employees’ Moods

Research has proved that bright lights have a direct effect on a person’s mood. Many people suffer from depression in the winter or in rainy, grey climates as they are afflicted by Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). To counteract SAD, light therapy is used that makes use of special bright light.  The presence of brighter industrial lighting works subconsciously to boost up the moods of both employees and customers.0fa6d2c789e170b7b7d017be133d9505image38950310515

How Commercial Lighting Effects Productivity

It is found that dim lighting causes the body to create melatonin, a hormone that helps in sleeping better. This is the reason that makes it important for factories and plants to keep the work stations well-lit and help workers perform tasks better, especially jobs that are repetitive in nature. A study has found that updating lighting saves companies in energy costs and increased productivity to the tune of thousands of dollars. Individual employees at their own work stations would prefer different levels of brightness.

Properly Placed Commercial Lighting Increases Sales

Savvy restaurant and store managers know that the presence of right lighting can increase their sales. With correct wattage lighting that is properly placed can pop up the products and improve their appearance. From food to cosmetics to clothing, lighting sets the right tone and ambiance that can cheer people to spend more.

Products like fine jewelry and cosmetics need to have specially tailored commercial lighting. This helps customers to see the unique shade of differences in these products for making an informed purchase. It is also possible to enhance the look of clothing by lighting it in many different ways.

Restaurant, depending on its type, need specialized lighting systems. For example, a family-friendly fast food eatery should have better lighting compared with a fancy restaurant that is designed for couples looking for a romantic gateway.

Commercial or industrial lighting is vital to every business or industrial establishment, and hence it should be well-researched before making any purchases. With a simple and right type of commercial lighting upgrade, the moods of the customers and employees can improve, leading to increased sales and productivity. The money spent on installing the lighting system will likely pay for itself quickly.

Lighting jinni – Larsa Lighting Co.

Men with keen sense of aesthetics have always admired neat indoor and outdoor decorations. And it is well known to all that decorations are incomplete without proper lighting. Many instances of grand settings have been spoiled only by improper lighting. Hence, it is always better to leave something as crucial as that on expert hands. Larsa Lighting Co. is the expert of lightings for the learned men at their disposal. Larsa Lighting Co specializes on islamic lighting and decorative indoor and outdoor lighting. Whatever the need of the customer, Larsa Lighting Co will always be at disposal.Best-light-decoration-in-dubai-with-Larsa-Lighting565a015e6ce2e25c113a

Lighting is very important for beautiful interior decoration because it is not as casual as it sounds. Proper lighting determines the ambiance of a place. The difference of a banquet hall and a bar might have same space and similar furnitures but lighting is the only element that draws a separating line between these two.

Larsa lighting emphasizes on certain themes and colors according to client’s interest. Larsa lighting gives the client’s preferences ultimate priority. They provide complete control over the lighting. In certain cases, the lights can change color and intensity according to the needs. Apart from intensive lighting decor, Larsa lighting also produces small lighting components like beautiful table lamps, wall lamps sets and floor lamps. These pieces are eye catching for their simple design and the grand ambience they produce.

In interior and outdoor lighting, Larsa lightings products are unmatched because of a certain 3D software that they use to map the lightings of the setting. This technique makes Larsa lighting provide utter flexibility of choice to the consumers. Larsa Lighting is a UAE and GCC based company thus their collection islamic lights stand out of the lot too. This is the result of experienced consultant engineers and learned craftsmen of Larsa lighting.

Advantages of outdoor lighting

When one spends quality time with near and dear ones outside the house at night then outdoor lighting plays a major role to illuminate the landscape areas. Whether one is sitting on a patio or a deck or one wants to place spotlight in a particular area of the yard, that time outdoor lighting fulfill all the purposes of one’s. One has various options in selecting lighting designs. There are numerous websites which give you enough information and assistance which help you in choosing perfect outdoor lighting. With many advantages of outdoor lighting, discover the lighting fixtures which will surely add function, safety and beauty to outdoor areas.decorative-lights-3-495x400

Provide safety

Outdoor lighting is something that provides safety in various ways. Lighting walkways is very much important so that people use these particular areas safely. One can use zone lighting in order to illuminate the areas of yard and for night time use landscape is apt. For lighting a deck, patio, pool area, outdoor seating or garden, zone lighting can be found very effective. After dark, landscape is worthy enough to illuminate driveways, garages, entryways and sidewalks. So more lights ensure your safety completely.

Give comfort

BY lighting the outdoor landscape one can easily extend one’s living areas. Adding attractive and comfortable lighting on a patio or a deck will always be a welcoming idea and after dark it will enable one to utilize these areas perfectly. The mood of outdoor seating can even be inviting and pleasant when one decides to install attractive lighting which gives a jerk to the aesthetic value of one’s house.

D for decor

Highlighting and showcasing particular areas of the landscape with attractive and Decorative Lighting is quite enough to grab other’s attention and make them feel jealous too. In different spots, one can install uplights around the landscape, in this way one is able to display these areas attractively and pull the eyes of others. To include pleasing swashes of light in the landscape, one can also goes for mood lighting along with outdoor building. These types of lighting arrangements will surely complement one’s sense of decoration.

Light UP Your Lives with New hopes

This festive season let light fill the lives of you and your loved ones. And to match your blooming spirit, let your surroundings be well lit as well. Nobody likes darkness, especially when there is so much to celebrate all around. That is the reason why the streets, the buildings, the cars and almost everything else is bedazzled by bright and colorful lights in the festive season. Everything around us appears completely new and shining. The very same road you travel everyday looks like you are seeing it for the first time again. Such is the spirit of festivals with colorful lights all around wherever you go.

Special Lights For The Festive Season

Are you bored of the same lights that you see throughout the city all through the year? Do not worry. For the best lighting company in Dubai brings to you a wide range of innovative lighting options specially designed keeping the festivals in mind. So get over the normal lights and drown yourself in the special lights brought to you specially for this festive season. There are all varieties of lights of all shapes and sizes. There are lights that are dim and also lights that are so bright that it will blind your eyes. Whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed. It is time to decorate your old surroundings in the new lights of hope and prosperity.

Lights For All Season

However, if you are thinking that these lights are only meant for the few days of the festival, then you are mistaken. Beautiful lights are for all times and all seasons. Whether it be a warm night or a freezing evening, these lights will continue to give you joy. Add to that, the super energy efficiency of these lights which will prove to be very pocket friendly, and you will never run out of reasons to celebrate. So it’s time to stop thinking and acting fast to get these lights before somebody else beats you to it.


The Importance of Lighting

Since its mention in the 19th century, electric lights have come a long way. Today lighting is not only a means of making things visible in darkness, but an agent of beautifying the surroundings as well. Proper lighting can make even the most dull surroundings into a visually spectacular thing. . Likewise, poor lighting can make the most beautiful lawn look like garbage. Hence, if you are serious about the visual appeal of your house, it is absolutely necessary to go for the best lighting options.

Where to Find the Best Option

You must have seen advertisements of dozens of lighting companies but how to be sure which one to choose? You don’t need to look any further. has the complete lighting solution for you. Be it lighting your lawn or your backyard, the best lighting company in Dubai has just what you need.

Why Landscape Lighting

You may think why is it necessary to light your lawn when it gets plenty of natural daylight? But we ask why should your well-maintained backyard becomes useless at night? If lighted properly, the outdoor landscapes look even more stunning. With the proper application of light and shade, you will be able to see your very own yard in a brand new way, And who knows, maybe you will even plan your next drinks party in the open, rather than hold up inside the house.

A Decision You will Never Regret

The aim of the best lighting company in Dubai is to transform your outdoor landscape keeping your safety and affordability in mind. While you may have to spend a lot on the patio or the pool in your lawn, you will not have to spend much on the lighting. Also considering that it is the kids who run around the most, their safety is also one of our main concern. The added benefit is that you can also choose solar lights, which are at once natural and pocket-friendly. Whatever you choose, be rest assured, your outdoor landscape will never be the same again. It won’t be very surprising if your guests prefer to stay outside your house the next time they visit you.